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DPRF is a spin-off of dpreview. We are a photography forum with people from all over the world freely sharing their knowledge and love of photography. Everybody is welcome, from beginners to the experienced professional. From smartphone to Medium Format.

DPRF is a community for everybody, every brand and every sensor format. Digital and film.
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***This week with your MF camera, May 6-13, 2023***


This weekly topic serves as a place for forum members to share recent work with our medium format cameras. It's OK for medium format owners to dazzle us with images made with other cameras, but the idea is to allow owners with similar cameras to compare notes, chops, and sensibilities.

To begin:

Add your contribution for the week by responding to this, the first message in this topic.
In order to make things easier for our cellphone users, please limit the number of images in one post to fewer than 10, and don't quote images in your replies that are extraneous to the points you're making.

If you especially want C&C (criticism/critique) or technique feedback, say so. It’s assumed one does want such feedback, but direct requests may garner a more studied analysis/response. If you don't want such feedback, say so, and others will respect your wishes.

If you feel you've been ignored, select your post, reply to it with a brief note to the effect of "Can I get some feedback?". Not getting feedback on a post isn't uncommon, so don't feel offended - no one is charged to ensure all posts get attention (we're not organized enough for that). If you want particular feedback (composition, exposure choice, etc.), saying so can be helpful for the potential respondents as to what your needs may be.

It is courteous and advisable that, should you post images for feedback, you also make comment on at least one other contribution. Respectful acknowledgment of everyone is the goal, and it’s requested that all participants assume some responsibility to that end
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