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DPRF is a spin-off of dpreview. We are a photography forum with people from all over the world freely sharing their knowledge and love of photography. Everybody is welcome, from beginners to the experienced professional. From smartphone to Medium Format.

DPRF is a community for everybody, every brand and every sensor format. Digital and film.
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Announcement To all dpreview members...


Dear members, dear dpreview users,

It is sad to see dpreview closing the doors. This is why I decided to offer you immediately a clone-dpreview forum ready to go.

We will try everything that you will feel here "at home" and that you will not suffer too long from the dpreview exodus pain.

I am a longtime dpreview member since November 2007 with over 600 postings. I do community forum management since 20 years and know all this stuff very well.

What you currently see here is only the beginning. The structure is a 1:1 copy of dpreview. But nothing is set in stone here, so we can adapt and improve over time what the majority wants to have. Layout, structure, new sections etc. The sky is the limit. We will do whatever it takes to make all our forums the best resort for all dpreview users.

Look around, test the features and the convenience with this forum software. Also with a smartphone. Check out the dark and light mode at the above right corner.

So please tell your friends at dpreview and also the moderators, that they all can join us (no matter in which of our forums) and the moderators can also take here the role of moderators.


Feel free to post in the suggestion section your ideas.

See also my posting here:

In case you are interested more in a "one brand only" community forum, then please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on one of our sister sites of the photo-community network list.