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Traffic in the different Sigma Camera forums...


If I don't see and interpret it wrongly, this site with a Sigma Camera forum has by far the highest traffic. After DPR was sidelined by Amazon, there is silence and uncertainty. But where have the users gone - especially the Sigma fans?
Out of the blue, my account was blocked in DPR in such a way, that each of my posts there first had to be approved - but nobody does that anymore for understandable reasons.

Perhaps another member here is willing to draw attention to this forum and the traffic in DPR? In any case, the big "competitor" is only in the doldrums.

There might be a "vote with your feet" , and I think DPRForum has good chances of that.

Greetings from John
The problem is, that these would be a real lot of people – and after 20 years of DPR I got "banned"/blocked all the sudden in DPR 14 days ago. I can't even write a private message to anyone without prior approval by a moderator. And that "ban" did NOT come from the mod of Sigma Camera Talk, but from higher levels ... I didn't even know that I was such a "bad finger" !

Welcome Johannes to the new Sigma home. It's and excellent place to be. I tried a couple of other forums and they treated Sigm people like the unwanted stepchild.
Roger J.