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Trying this forum.

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I am literally having to make a post just to see what my username is, why isn't my username displayed at the top of the page when I am logged in? I am on my phone and want to get tge forum bookmarked and setup on my laptop, but can't remember my username. I am logged in and yet cannot find my profile section or anything with my username.
You should register here with the same username as with dpreview.

Just look at the top more seriously ;)

At the left side of the envelope, there is a circle for your Avatar. Click on it and see your username and profile.

Welcome to the world outside of "but at dpreview I am used to this" :)
This is the wrong forum for questions/feedback by the way. This here is open talk/DPRF Cafe

I will move it to the correct one now. Please read the descriptions if the subforuns first before posting or even complaining ;)
Not open for further replies.