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DPRF is a photography forum with people from all over the world freely sharing their knowledge and love of photography. Everybody is welcome, from beginners to the experienced professional. Whether it is Medium Format, fullframe, APS-C, MFT or smaller formats. Digital or film. DPRF is a forum for everybody and for every format.
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Announcement User photo galleries are here!


Dear members,

as promised a couple of weeks ago, we wanted to give all DPreview users with DPRF a new home, a real alternative to DPreview, once it is closed.

You can see now, that we succeeded in this. We proudly present as the last missing stone in our mosaik the DPRF User Portfolios, which is what you know from DPreview as user photo gallery. :z04-tujxsmus:

Thanks to this, we achieved in only 4 weeks, to offer you the same spectrum of participation possibilities like you were used to at DPreview. :z04-carrot:

We have now the same "trilogy" that you know from DPreview:

  • forums
  • user reviews
  • user galleries

here at DPRforum.com! :daumenhoch:

We offer now 100% the DPReview-range of choices you asked us to have for an alternative platform, except (of course) the professional reviews. All this in only 4 weeks! :z02-respekt:

Who knows what else might be possible at DPRF in the future? :z04-nic-0075:

So, go and look around for the new user portfolios in the navigation bar at the top, create your own albums, upload images and enjoy all the nice features here - in dark mode or light mode- whatever you prefer :z04-bier01:

Enjoy it!

Your DPRF Team

P.S.: Do not forget to tell all your friends about us, what we achieved and how easy and comfortable it is to participate here with all these possibilities!