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Using a 645


As usual I'm on a quest for another camera, and this time I'm looking at the Contax 645, I have currently a G2 and three lenses. Obviously the size difference between these cameras is significant, and the image resolution too. Generally I take my camera most places and I print B&W soon colour too, in the dark room to the size of 16x12. Do any of you 645 users, taking into account what I've said, think it would be a worth while investment. Or would you recommend sticking to the G2, for a cheaper smaller outfit. Normally I do, landscapes and architecture, but recently I've been craving a little more control, but instead of a N1 or something I thought for the same size almost I could go down the 645 route.

Your opinions would be appreciated.
\/--\/--\/-- The Contax 645 AF is, quite simply, the finest medium format camera in the world. Solid, Zeiss lenses, lots of control, and the images are so good that they appear 3 dimensional in transparency form. I have a nearly complete system, including the auot bellows, and only need the digital back to complete my system. It is solid (read heavier) than the 35mm but well worth the price. Go for it! Boilerdoc
while most people paying big bucks to build up the C/Y lenses for their Canon dSLR body, I am now trying to complete my C645 system. The price of C645 camera and lenses are dropping in eBay. There are a lot of bargain out there. Rather than paying $4K for a used C/Y 21mm or $5K+ for a 85mm 1.2, and a $8K for a Canon 1Ds MK II, I would rather save those money for a future digital back.

The C645 is not heavy at all comparing to my Canon 1D2 + 24-70L or the monster 70-200IS. with the 45-90mm zoom + bracket and a Quantum, it will be a different story.

If you look at those chrome taken from the C645 on a light table, you will be amazing what this camera can do. Superb image, color and metering. BTW, I love the pre-flash feature.
Exactly. The pre flash feature, which is unique to this camera, is way cool! Especially when using the bellows. Boilerdoc
Plus, the 1DsMKII, even with the best Zeiss lens adapted to it cannot compete with the C645, even with a 16 meg back on it.
Take my word for it, I own and use both.
C'mon, guys, apples and oranges here! You're bullying the 1Ds
I don't think C-Y 21 2.8 can be replaced by the Contax 645 system completely. Its can focus closer than distalgon 35 3.5. On the other hand, the king of wide angle is actually Zeiss 38 4.5 for Alpa and Hassy, it can certainly focus as close as the C-Y distalgon.

85 1.2 holds a unique place in photography and I don't think it can be replaced any medium format system. None of the medium lenses have an f 1.2.

My 21 2.8 costed me less than 1K 2 years ago. My 85 1.2 costed me less than 4K two weeks ago and it is in good condition.

I will certainly go for the 38 4.5 after winning the lottery.
F/1.2 in a MF lens would have such a thin close focusing DOF that no human could focus it. The Zeiss 110/2 is sort of the 85/1.2 of MF systems ; -)

4K for a decent 85/1.2 is a pretty good price Chi.

As far as MF WA, the SWC 38 isn't all bad.
Oh, by the way, welcome to all the Zeiss lovers new to this site. We need to stick together and keep the legend alive. Let's get more people to participate here and maybe even organize a meet. DJ and I got together in NYC awhile back and really had a good time talking and shooting. DJ had some amazing images from his China trip and brought along some big prints.