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Announcement We are 1 week old - 500 members and new images sizes


Dear members,

one week ago, last Saturday, we launched this platform for all dpreview members. After 7 days only we can say that this was a great success. We just crossed the 500 registered users line and this without any big marketing efforts. :z04-dance00:

We have to thanks you all for this trust! :z04-2171:

We will now go a step further. :eek:

As you have experienced yourself, our DPRforum.com forumsoftware is a joy to use. But of course we can not bring you back the huge Amazon servers dpreview offered you for free to be able do upload ridicilous big image sizes. All for free.

As you know we are on the cautious side of things. We know from experience, that image sizes can lead longterm to many problems, if you do not pay attention to it. The server load will depend on different factors (traffic, how many uploads each user etc.).

This is obviously difficult to predict. We neither want to promise something, what might be impossible to stick to longterm. Again, we are not Amazon. :cry:

Therefore we will do now a testphase for 4 weeks with bigger image sizes. We will then look at how it went and will look at the same time for potential solutions/alternatives.

From now on, you can upload images with 4MB file size until May 1st. 2023. After that we can analyse better, how much this will hit the perfomarnce on our server.

But please also bear in mind, that you can easily embed images into a posting. You do not have to upload it on our server to be able to show an image. ;)

Enjoy now the 4MB image file sizes!

Your DPRforum-Team