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What are you hoping the new Sony APS-c flagship to be?


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I'm very curious as aside from the rumors there's not much talk or speculation about it but it has to have atleast Sony's latest AF-ai functionality for me to be of any interest and of which I'm sure it is going to have. But actually I'm also hoping for it to have a non blackout evf but that might be a little to optimistic (or expensive). I dont care for any video functionality, I would be in it for the stills features (pre-buffering would be a very nice to have). I've no doubt about the battery requirement, the NP-FZ100 is tested and tried, a winning team.

This is my first post over here, please be gentle :)
Well it appears that Sony might announce the new A6*** (anticipated to be A6700) as soon as July. You won’t have to wait long.

Is there any rumor posted about it somewhere?
I'm sure for some of the influencers/reviewers to be testing pre-production copies at the very moment, exactly how it went weeks prior to other Sony releases. Might be the very same influencers currently adding to the hype with all the rumor reviews.

Patience Ray, patience... :z04-123:
It is difficult to be patient. We had Corona, we had production and delivery problems for years.

I thought 2023 would be a firework of product announcements from all brands. But so far it is kind of quiet.

Vacation period is starting soon. Rebates on old products here and there. But nothing earthshaking.

I am afraid we have to wait until autumn to hear or see something really new.
I am afraid we have to wait until autumn to hear or see something really new.
I'm sure for the 12th of July to be accurate for the a6700/a7000 official announcement date. While there's actually not much to dislike about Sony equipment I do however dislike their choice of (camera) marketing strategy, or lack thereof. Launching these rumor campaigns with supposedly 'leaked information' via influencers really makes my toes curl but what can you do...