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What does this number represent?

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What does number in red rectangle next to What's New represent?
Easy access to all new information appearing on the DPRFORUM. The number is the total unread posts or other information...

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What does number in red rectangle next to What's New represent?

As Serge said, this is the total number of your individual unread postings. Postings in the whole forum. That incudes all subforums and profile posts.

The "What's new buttom is a little bit simlar to threaded view. It shows a list view.

Click on the navigation bar at the top on "what's new". Unread = bold. So you know immediately, in which thread you have not yet read everything

There is also a subtab right next to it "new posts".

It's easiest to see the difference between these two functions "what's new" and "new posts" if you click "Forums > Mark Forums Read" then come back in 30 minutes and click "Forums > New Posts" and "Forums > What's New".

"New Posts" shows only a list of unread threads with post activity since your last visit.

"What's New" shows all post activity in reverse chronological order, including read threads. Threads with new post activity are indicated with bold titles.

So "New posts" is unread posts. "What's new" is read and unread posts.
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