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What information in User profile & Info next to posting


Hi all,

as you know, you can look at a user's profile simply by clicking on his name next to his posting.

In the userprofile, you can see some of the information (not all) that a user entered while registering or afterwards on a free-will basis.

We would be interested in your opinion about what "fields" shall be displayed there. We just added a field for the personal Homepage and websites of the most admired photographers of that user.

What additional fields/ information would you like to see in that user profile? Which one do you find not necessary in the current set up?

Also which information would you like to see directly next to his posting before clicking on his name?

Currently there is only his name/username, how many postings he/she made, since when registered and a voting/rating option (i.e. for images or good contributions)

What else should be readable there?
Hi Dirk,
I think that the information currently displayed is about right, especially with the addition of the links to personal forum albums and to personal web sites which I think are an important plus.
I think the link to the personal album is useful too next to the posting, to save you from having to go into the profile.