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Where has everyone Gone

The fee structure and implementation killed the site. I consider the $20 that I spent to be for past participation, as I place no value on future participation.
People who have something to say or ask are still participating. Have you got all your email notifications ticked?
I'm still here.

I just haven't had anything to say lately, nor have I shot with my Contax gear for awhile. Busy with the new Canon 1D MKII and Canon's killer new RAW Pro level developer.

And, once again, I've heard nothing from Contax service about helping me with the flawed sensor I discovered after getting a useable RAW developer from Adobe. It's now just a J-Peg camera
to me.
Well, just want to say something for the sake of making some noise here.

I did a studio shoot with the ND in RAW last weekend. Wow, the prints look so good. Some people even think they are taken from the C645.

I may post some s&les if times permits, but the sceen resolution does not do any justic.

I'm still here too, but this site is much less active than it used to be. I too feel that my $25.00 is likely for past participation. After all, a very fine job was done to put this site together. What the future will hold is any one's guess. Perhaps new Contax and Zeiss users will join.
I think the site will pickup. People will drift back and new users will still be excited about Contax ... enough to want to enhance their Contax commitment!
And I am here also! Things are still quiet, but it's good to see some of the names reappear from before the 'tiff'. I have posted a few new shots in the gallery as well. That seems to still be alive. I feel that my money is well spent, even if the powers that be will not answer my question about "how many 'real' members we have now?"
I am also wondering about how many of the Contax Limited Edition cameras there will be available, and if the winnning logo will be staying the same?

All the best to you all,

$1500-2000 is o.k. for showoff equipment, but $25 is too much for the = enlightenment surrounding how to best use it. Somehow, those folks = remind me of people who will signup for $450,000 for a used stackshack = in the suburbs, then haggle for 2 hours at closing over a $150 lawn = mower. Same sort of tedious little twerps always on the lookout for a = free lunch......ignore them. I'm with you, Vincent. $25 was payment for = past good value received.