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Who upgrades switches to Sigma SD14


New Member

I would be interested whether some of you are planning/considering to upgrade from a SD9/SD10 to the SD14. And the reason behind it, no matter whether you upgrade or not.

Additionally I would like to know, whether there are Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Olymous etc. users here, who are thinking about switching to the Sigma SD14?

Thanks in advance

I'm currently a 5D and an aging(both me and camera :) D100 user. The Sigma slr's have intrigued me so I was very interested to hear about the DP1 coming to market. It sounds like a good way to check out the foveon sensor as well as seeing how well Sigma gets it done. If I find I like the results obtainable with the DP1 then maybe I would consider the SD14 as a replacement for the Nikon. My Canon 5D is a superb camera coupled with L lenses so it would take one heck of a camera to replace that!
Hi Dirk, I am quiet keen on the SD14 and the main reason if i were to upgrade to the SD14 as apposed to a switch to another manufacturer would be because of the lenses I have, To start off with a different mount could be a very costly exercise, though it would be something to really consider if the SD14 is maybe not as fantastic as i`m hoping. The sd14 in my mind, is long overdue, and hope its going to be worth it.
I'm a SD14 user coming from the SD10, coming from Canon 1Ds and 1D. I still use my Canon gear by the way. Main reason for switching to Foveon for me was the Canon (which is a very fine hardware wise camera) fell a bit short to my needs. I really don't want to get into what I felt was Canon's short coming in regards to image quality. I've learned from the past best keep what I know to myself or I'll get into an area of debate which can become heated.

Anyway, if someone knows of anyone who does mount changing on a professional level I would deeply appreciate it. I would love to get a few of my Canon lenses converted to SA mount.

Hi Larry,

conurus posted today here in the forum, that thy start to offer now a Contax N-lens to Sigma SD14 body conversion.

Maybe you ask him here in the forum, whether he could make a Canon lens to Sigma SA mount change.

In fact you can do this also on your own. We have users in our German Sigma Forum (www.sigmaforum.de), who did it already. As a matter of fact, one of the moderators here in the English Sigam User forum (Uwe), has done it alraedy. maybe he can give more details about it.

The Sigma mount and the Canon mount are very similar. Even the electronic cables for AF etc. are easy to connect.

The Distance body-lens is the exact same with Sigma and Canon. So you need only to be willing to screw on your Canon lenses and you need a spare Sigma mount from an old defect Sigma lens with Sigma mount.

You change in this case the mount on the lens, not on the body. So each Canon lens becomes a Sigma mount lens. The Sigma body stays untouched. AF etc. are afterwards working.

Best wishes
Hi Sabby

welcome in our Sigma User Forum!

Unfortunatley, you did not leave any information in your profile, so I do not know which system/ Brand you are currently using.

Maybe you ahev een it already but there are a numer of options now out there to use you old lenses.

The way how it would be possible with Canon lenses, I did already describe above.

For Nikon lenses and Leica lenses there is now this adapter from Luis available. You exchange the mount on the SD14 nody with his modified mount and then you connect your Nikon lenses with teh Sd14 body like it would be a Nikon body. Same goes for Leica lenses if you use the Leica adaption of Luis. More details here:


For Contax N-lenses there is now the option of Conurus. He offers the conversion of Zeiss N-lenses (Contax AF System) to Sigma mount. But this does not work for all N-lenses. More details here:


I use currently the new Zeiss ZS lenses with M42 mount on my Sigma SD14 and an M42 adapter ring. Although it is M42 mount, it is the newest lens design of Zeiss for different camera systems. The exact same lens design as the same lenses with ZF mount (Nikon) and ZK mount (Pentax). Soon there will be also the same lenses offered with Canon mount.

Best wishes
That is good information...


Thank you for posting the link...that will be a keeper....

Tony C.
Me, me, me!!!

I've switched from Nikon D40x to SD14 about a month ago and I'm happy about it.
I normally use a Nikon D70 and recently got a Sigma SD 14 with a Nikon mount attached. The sigma works just as well as the Nikon. The Sigma is mint and but I am having to sell it to pay the bills.

It is a great camera, as good of workman ship as my Nikon D70.