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Yellow Trout Lily Metamorphosis


Yesterday was the first day of the season at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis (the oldest public wildflower garden in the USA).

Only a few of the spring ephemeral flowers (the ones that bloom before the trees leaf out) were blooming: Trillium Nivale, Anemone Acutiloba, Erythronium Albidum and Erythronium Americanum.

I was playing with some of my images from yesterday and with all of the excitement over the new Monochrome camera, but with only a color camera (Pentax K-1) I only took pictures in full color. I tried converting one to B&W in post using DXO Silver Efex 3.

View attachment 1580

View attachment 1581
I wondered where the yellow went (old tooth paste commercial theme) and then I wondered what would happen if I colorized the monochrome image using the AI neural colorize filter in PS 2023

View attachment 1582
Not too bad I thought so I continued with my mischief

View attachment 1583
Now, that is too bad I thought after adding the Oil Paint filter in PS. That caption should read Erythronium Americanum, not Trillium Americanum!

Please read the FAQ for image uploading. At least I can not see the images directly.
I use the toolbar insert image icon which inserted images in the text, but after posting I noticed an error and used the edit function for the post and after that a new message without the inserted images, just links was created, while the original message with inserted images remained. Guess the moral is don't edit message after being posted.
Guess the moral is don't edit message after being posted.
Normally this should be possible without problems.

You can test it also in the testcorner if you want to.