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Yet another DPR ex pat.


New Member
Truly hoping this site survives. It has the look of the old site, category headings pretty much the same or similar.
I was really hoping Amazon would re-think their decision, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Me? Film and digital for the past 60+ yrs . . . yes I’m right up there now. But still enthusiastic and still learning.
Moved from FF last year, to M43. I was sort of nudged into it one might say. A friend of mine, heavily into M43, jumped at the OM1 when announced, and subsequently decided to ‘give’ me his older EM1-ll body in order to avoid having to listen to my grumbling about how much weight I was carrying. So I took the ‘hint’ and bought an Olympus lens to go with it and have not looked back. All my Canon gear has sold now.
Best to all, Cheers, K.