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3 new Olympus DSLRs

I'm not sure "3" new models are necessarily suggested by the teaser, butcertainly 2 are. The one in front is pretty clearly an E-400 revision/update.
> This is great news! I sure hope they send that e-400 update over to the > US... I've been ever-so tempted to get an e-400 from the UK, but waiting for > the US debut of the same or similar camera. I have to say, I'd prefer a > smaller, lighter camera like the e-400 to the e-1, which was just too large > for me (especially with that grip attached!). Olympus can distinguish > themselves from the industry GIANTS with a small, highly-capable DSLR like > that.

Cool teaser too.

- marc
> That is, of course, what the advertisement is designed to accomplish.

Still, the amount of inference from the advertisement is really pretty small. It is pretty clear, that they are telling us that on 6 March we will get information on 2 camera models -- logic and timing would strongly suggest that this would be about new models. That's all pretty straightforward inference, and the minimum you are intended to infer. Whether there is a 3rd camera model somewhere further in the future is more speculative, but most have not inferred that much. Finally, if you compare the shape of the first camera presented to the E-400 you will see that they are very, very similar. So it is quite reasonable to surmise that one of the new camera will be related to the E-400. So, essentially, I don't take your point. Only 2 inferences have been taken from this advertisement -- really not so "much" at all. 2 new cameras announced in March, one of them related to the E-400. This is exactly the what the advertisement -- through the information it provides -- wants you to infer. There is no stretch of the imagination here. Nothing has been pulled from thin air.
Yes, it's a "teaser". I did read somewhere, from another post perhaps, a link to something published by Olympus boss that there is to be an improved E-400.