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Billingham Squeaking


New Member
I hate for this to be my first post here lol but here goes.

I bought a Billingham small pro bag a few months ago and I totally LOVE it! But when I go out shooting with it, it makes a lot of noise. Squeaking noise. I researched this and it's the leather against leather and/or leather against any hardware, such as the strap rings on the bag. I've done all the advised suggestions i.e. using the bag more so that the leather "loosens" up, applied a leather conditioner and yesterday applied a silicone lubricant. It doesn't squeak as much but it's annoying! Has anyone else had a squeaky bag? If so, did it eventually stop? Any recommendations on what to do?

Not had that myself, only thing I can think of is to directly contact Billingham themselves if you haven't done so and see what they say?
I neither had this problem. Can you upload a picture of the Billingham? I had the Hadley small pro in black/tan for years, but sold it and bought the Hadley small.


I drew a red circle around the area that is making the noise. After further thinking about it, the noise reminds me of the sound when a balloon is squeezed or rubbed.
I found a video that is the exact sound.