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I’m assuming that with the creation of this forum, there is an intention to have a challenge system (like DPR’s) set up?
I reckon go for it Mike. Admin and mods are not responding so just do it.

Once folks with more brains and knowledge on setting up the sofware to run challenges (like DPR did) have done their magic, I would be happy to host my wildlife challenge serires again... Just say when...
I don't think Dirk is familiar with how DPR had the voting system and how the image layout was set up at DPR mate. I doubt you will get that here. That was unique that system. Maybe voting at the end in separate post might do it.

That was all hand coded at DPR.
Hi guys, this was my fault. I am sorry.

I never participated in dpreview challenges and was therefore not aware how they were technically organized.

Obviously we do not have the same software as dpreview. So we will have to find a different way to organize challenges here.

I am today the whole day on the road. As soon I am tomorrow at my desktop PC, I will try to find a good solution for us.

I will keep you updated in this thread.

Sorry again for the misunderstanding.
Just a thought (I do get them now and then and they hurt). Could we do a voting anonymous as a Poll at the end of the challenge, just keep it simple like


No one would know who voted for what. The issue is submitting the images without the identity of the poster. That's the hard part.

Just an idea and others will have ideas as well.

Ahh, another thought Dirk and you would know this better than me, would something like coppermine or similar work with this? I'm just not sure if you have the server running cpanel for addons. Could always upload it I guess. Not sure if that's the best solution though.

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No problem Dirk, no rush.