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Contax RX



I have owned the RX for two years and have no complaints...AT ALL! Having also owned Nikon's and Minolta's, this was a huge upgrade in quality, especially the lenses (which was my #1 reason for buying the camera in the first place).

I do like the programmable functions, the meter is always "spot on" and the rugged build. It is heavy, but with bigger lenses (CZ 300mm f/4) and a tripod, it works beautifully.

I do take better pictures now. I don't know if that is the learning curve, but I don't think this camera has hurt me one bit.
Hi John,

I did neither had any exposure problems with my RX. But you have to be aware that almost every Contax model has a different metering area in spot and CW-metering.

Since the RTS II has no spot metering at all, it is definitely different for the weighting then the RX, which offers you for difficult situations also the spot meter.

This is also why you should test the camera model with your preferred film/slide-film before important shootings.

The RTS III for ex&le is even more underexposing in CW-mode then the RX. It has alo a different spotmeter (very tight) compared to the RX. So I rate a Fuji Velvia with my RTS III always on 40 Asa, with the RX just normal DX.

I'm considering a used RX. Does anyone know in what year the RX came out? Are there any particular items I should pay special attention to in looking at used bodies?
Hi Lyn,

the RX came out in 1994. I am not aware of any first roll out problems of the RX.

For specifications of different Contax models, please look in the Overview Sheets-folder in this Forum. There you will find excel sheets with all data. These sheets are not yet 100% finished and have still to be doublechecked, but it is aleady a first starting point for comparisons.

Hi guys,

the Contax Rx will be discontinued soon.

Since not all of you have e-mail notification for the "hot news about Contax/Zeiss" folder turned on, I put it here additionally.

More details in the news folder in this forum

This is an original post of John Walton on May 29.:

Has anyone found that the RX tends to underexpose?

I've read that Contax's metering is generally calibrated to slightly underexpose in order to give slide film more "punch". I've got so fed up with getting dark slides that I've recently re-set the film speed to 320 when using Provia400 and this seems to work.

I also use an RTSII (gorgeous camera) but as I only use this for b&w I don't notice the same problem (and anyway I tend to expose for the shadows etc for b&w).

Generally I had tended to rely on the RX's centre weighted meter and not think too hard about exposure when using slides, simply because it was too confusing when carrying one camera loaded with (b&w) neg film (where I do give exposure a great deal of thought) and another camera loaded with "positive" film.

Anyone else noticed the same trait, and does the calibration of the centre weighted meter vary from one model to the other?

Many thanks


p.s. I've got another question on RX metering with flash but I'll save that for another thread.
i have a contax rx and i'd like to use it with my speedotron strobe system. however, i don't want to fry the electronics in the rx by overloading the sync terminal with too high a voltage. does anyone know what the sync terminal is rated for in terms of voltage?
>the Contax Rx will be discontinued soon.

I find it rather odd that this is only on Kyocera's Japanese site and not on the English one.

Still I do not doubt you.

... I checked it with Contax in Hamburg, when the news started. They confirmed it. But it is always like that. I can not remember, that Contax officially announced the end of the AX, ST, S2 or 167MT. Leica does not do it neither by the way...

AX? Is the AX gone too? So only the Aria and RTS III in the MM mount?

I knew the ST was probably gone just because nobody carries it any more... Even though Contax USA website still lists it... But since AX is both on their site, and widely available, I figured that it was still around...