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Hello Pentaxians


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Nice looking site. All the work invested in it is appreciated. Still hard to believe Amazo dumped the largest photo forum in the world.

Any other Pentax users here? I mostly use the Q, K-1, and 645Z systems. Also have LX and 67 film cameras and *ist DS, K10, K20, K7,
and K-01. The K-1 has been modified by Kolari for full spectrum.
Yup. Pentax KP as well as an IR-modified K-5 (630Nm) here. Plethora of Pentax, Irix and Sigma glass. Fully opensource workflow. Web albums (90% Pentax, 10% Ricoh GR) but I cannot submit the link because of some spam-protection on this forum. Shooting Pentax K1000 since the seventies with a small hiatus followed by Pentax DSLRs since 2007..
HI newmikey,


but I cannot submit the link because of some spam-protection on this forum

After a couple of posts this restricztion automatically disappears.

K-3II & K-50 user. Have all 5 SMC DA Limited primes, DA* 16-50mm f/2.8 PLM, DA* 11-18mm f/2.8 DC, DA 35mm f/2.4, DA 50mm f/1.8, DA 55-300mm PLM, DA L 18-55mm, DA L 50-200mm, & Sigma 10-24mm f/4-5.6 lenses.

I want more DA* lenses! :daumenhoch-smilie:
Hello pal, here’s hoping that a new forum inspires Pentax to listen to our requests for new lenses! :cool:
Hello @JCDoss. Recognize you as well. Nothing is missing there. I have other interests besides Pentax. DPReview did the best job of covering all brands. Believe it is good for all photography to "save" what we can. It is also good for people to see Pentax discussion on multiple websites. The added exposure is a good thing.
I'm a Pentaxian, K-1 mII and K, M, and A lenses only. I recognize you all from pentaxforums.com and wonder what's missing there to bring you here?