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Leica cm


Does anyone know as whether or not you get a very high quality poster size print using the leica cm with its improved summarit 2.4 lens, using slow speed film such as fujichrome velvia 50, kodachrome 64 and agfachrome rsx 50 or 100.
It has the same lens as the minilux. Don't know what your frame of references is but I'm sure the print quality would be equivalent to other good quality 35mm prime lenses.
i have the minilux and my slides look great under a loupe to me. the only slides i can compare directly to are from my contax g2. the largest i've printed is 8x10 but this is just a limitation of my printer right now. cheers, scott
Hello Scott!

Another G2/Minilux owner! How many can there be? Leica could maybe take a hint! Or is that the CM???

Merry Christmas

Oliver O'Connell
Hi Oliver. How do you like this combination? I like the G2 but it won't fit into a pocket and sometimes that's what is needed...hence the Minilux. I'm waiting to find out whether there is better control over the EV in the CM. They should have made a dial and EV lock like in the G2, in my opinion. If I find another P&S will better manual controls like the G2 has, but smaller, I'll probably try it out.

Cheers, Scott
>If I find another P&S will [with] better manual
>controls like the G2 has, but smaller, I'll
>probably try it out.

It's called the Contax T3.
Or for even more portability it is called Ricoh GR1 ( 28mm versus 35mm for those who like wide spaces ).
Ah yes, but thet ain't Leicas are they!!

Scott, I find the combo very good at the moment. I will look at the CM and see. Possibly still need both. Next time I travel, I might put print film in the Minilux and my usual slide on the Contax intead of slide in both. }}
Yes they ain´t Leica!! My GR1 does not live up to the Leica performance although build quality and slim design are both extremely nice.