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Limited edition for Contaxinfo members


What about a Contaxinfo.com limited edition of the Contax SL300R?

Any interest in this? Maybe we can convince Contax to make a few for a special price for Contaxinfo members or subscribers.
Only if it's followed by a new edition of the ND ...

Too disgusted with Kyocera to give them more money until they get Contax back on track

I'd go for that - good idea. Perhaps other exclusive Contaxinfo goods could be made available?

Cheers, Saras
As someone who's just bought an "ordinary" SL300R, I'm not amused. But serously, are you sure the black/black decison is right? It looks just great with the contrast of black leather on the titanium. I accept that you will want to make the "Contaxinfo special" look unique, so what about dark blue, dark green or burgundy leather in place of the black staying with a titanium finish or perhaps pale tan leather on a black finish. I can highly recommend the camera itself to all but another little point when you are talking to Kyocera, try to get them to upgrade the standard 128MB SD card to a 10MB/sec high speed one or even better a 256MB high speed. This makes a big difference to the features you can use such as movies and the digital equivalent of motor drive continuous shooting. Wilson
How about just upgrading the SL300R to the SL400R with a 4 mp sensor??

In addition, I agree with the suggestion of the improved (faster, larger) SD card, and maybe a larger buffer.
Hi Wilson,

we have not seen yet the black model in real, so we can not comment on how it will exactly look like with the black leather, but people told us it would look good. But if I look at i.e Leica M or R models, both versions are looking good. Regarding the memory card, this is a special benefit for the UK. All others get as far as I know only a 16MB card included which has neither this high speed. Nowadays many users have already their memory cards, so obviously that is a possibility of many producers to offer the product at a lower price.

We are sorry not having been able to announce this special edition earlier, but this idea and interaction was born only a couple of days ago.

But back to the colour question. You have to understand that this is the very first time to do something like this for Kyocera or any other manufacturer. No other camera producer has done this in the past. We can not stress that point enough. This is like an earthquake. Therefore there is at this time a limited influence we have on colours. It is quite expensive to run an extra production in a fancy colour, so we are glad that there is a possibility to have a different colour to the standard one at all available.

If this will be a success, and we think it will, then it will be a lot easier for us in the future to have more choices in colours, models etc.

I think this is a little, but very important first step towards a true costumer-oriented camera development. If we can convince Kyocera with a limited edition like this one, we might be able to bundle the wishes of Contaxians for future product improvements.

But this depends all on the support of the Contax users for these efforts. If Kyocera sees no interest in it, it is unlikely that they are willing to hear body or lens wish lists of users, who are at the end of the day not buying the stuff.

So with this we all can show Kyocera that we are still interested in Contax products and that it is worth it to have an open mind for proposals of our users. At the end of the day Kyocera has to make money. If they see that they can make money by offering products that Contaxinfo members are looking for, they will do it.

But this has to be done step by step to gain trust and credibility. Internet and especially camera community forums like ours are new for almost all camera-producers. Therefore this is a question of months and years of communicating with each other to gain credibility and the trust of the producer.

Many users including ourselves have said in the past that we would appreciate an open ear of Kyocera. This is now the chance we have. It is now up to the users, whether they "take the open hand" for their own benefit or not.
Dirk, In another thread you said "the AF in the SL300R is a nightmare". I don't think you would push this idea if the product was not at an acceptable level, but I gotta ask - is this camera worth having or not? Also, how is it to handle? Looks a bit small and awkward to me, but I haven't seen any pictures of it being used. My wife's birthday is coming up and she's ready to go digital - what do you think? Thanks
I can tell you from experience of using my SL300R for the last week that the AF works just fine. Compared to a G2, it is much readier to pick up a focus. For ex&le today I was at full tele zoom and it picked up a perfect focus on a may tree in bloom. This is the sort of thing my previous S5 Finecam just would not do and I suspect neither would my G2. Even in low light, especially if you set it to wide rather than spot it works better than OK. The only thing to keep an eye on is the exposure compensation. I am going to try playing around with the metering set ups but to date I have found you quite often need to tweak the exp. comp. This is the only thing against a non-enthusiast P&S user. It is fine in normal daylight but struggles in difficult exposure situations. The very rapid switch on is a delight and the rest of the ergonomics are excellent. With a high speed SD card it even makes a good sports camera taking about 3-4 fps. I just took a run of 50 shots at one go (on a 256MB 10MB/sec card) and then chose three shots from this bunch. Wilson
I'd put some effort into this if this were a special edition of the ND 2. Even a small sensor in an N-mount body would get me excited!