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I love gravel pits . Especially on a weekend . If you are looking for peace and silence , then you will feel comortable in a gravel pit .
You will hear things , you have not heared since long .

Both shots with HB CFV backs .

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I am surprised how good and "real" the images look, although it is "only" the CFV 50MP back.
Drawing a line ...


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The building shown by the above image is now demolished .
The image in this post shows the state the building could have been in .
But it was not like that . I used AI from adobe (firefly) and generated the left and right side .
The outcome is surprising and looks very realistic . But also shows how AI is kidding and cheating us in photography .

Please don't condemn me , I was just playing around a bit with AI generation and found , it is not my thing . I will not use AI in my photography in future .
Its shocking how AI will be able to cheat us and this is 100% contrary to my general attitude in life . AI frightens me .

BAYO.2055. KI PP.jpg