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Sony 20-70mm F4 - A few testshots

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I have that lens on my 'watch list'. Used to have the original 24-70GM, but decided to sell it well in advance of the mark II. But am torn between the two of them. I haven't used both of them yet, but intend to rent them and compare somewhere in the next couple of months.

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Interesting reviews. Thanks Dirk. I didn't see yet the first one. The one from Gerald I did see earlier on. That's also why it is on my list... :)


This lens sure looks promising. It would augment my Sigma 100-400mm lens very nicely! A 20 to 400mm two lens system sounds intriguing.


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Really a great lens. I sold my Tamron 28-75 G2 for it.

I prefer wider than 28mm rather than F/2.8, but the Tamron was also very good.

Couldn't be happier with the 20-70G lens. Very sharp, well built, and the 20mm wide end is really nice! If I need to go wider, the Sigma 14-24 F/2.8 goes on my camera and I'm all set!


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What about soft corners at wide angle? I have 24-105 G and the lens has upper left corner very soft at 24-28mm range.


Since Adobe does not support 20-70 properly, distortion correction (SDC) is not applied. So what are current owners using?
It seems that Iridient's S-Transformer supports the lens. I will likely have to convert all 20-70 images with it until Adobe support arrives.


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PhotoLab supports these excellent lens -
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btw... Very nice shots of Alesun. I've been there twice and twice it was terrible rainy weather )