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The Canon FD 500 F/4.5L

ISO is an interesting one Tom. I've never had an issue really with ISO on m4/3, I always set ISO 400 and it stays there generally. Maybe we just have good light here, but it works well and I can still get the shutter speeds needed. I can however use up to ISO 1250 on the Sony FF. Both work well.

What i am finding though as I've said before, using the 200-600 on the Sony at the 600mm end, it actually eats into m4/3 equivalence really quickly. Focal length vs sensor size I guess. I can crop easily with the 60mp sensor to equal m4/3. So it's an interesting one mate. Still love both either way. When FF was at 24mp like my old A7, then yes, m4/3 wins hand down for how close you need to get to a bird, but with the 60mp sensor, that all changes quickly.

Good points Tom and nothing wrong with ISO on m4/3, not this end anyway. Hey you need to find that shot of the GM1/5 on the 400 F/2.8L, would love to see that ;)

All the best as always.

My A7R was supposed to be my replacement theatre camera body for my then aging Canon 5D but it failed completely.

I then kept the 5D and a couple of aps-c Canon dslr bodies for theatre shoots for another 5+ years. They were good from the start and did not go backwards with age.

Then I found that M4/3 bodies had caught up. Now I think that even one of the greatest of the 5D line the 5Ds which I now have can only just hang in there in comparison to what my M4/3 kit is doing.

I did shoot one show with a GM5 and Noticron 42.5/1.2 from the back of the hall - the images were all full stage and had to be cropped to be of any use. But it worked surprisingly well. And it was easy-carry of course. I only did it that way because it was all that had brought with me at the time.

We tend to use what we have there to use.