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Where are the Mac users


New Member
There are a number of competing replacements for DPreview but they all seem to be concentrating on forums, whereas the main strength of DPreview is the searchable databases. I joined DPreview in 1999 when the Forums were useful but think that these new attempts are never going to replace DPR.
sadly I think it will all disappear - data and storage cost money, so unless its making a profit for the owner (or is/has) a sugar daddy then you have to cut your cloth accordingly - hence why Amazon are shutting DPR

Atleast there is various choices where (hopefully) help can still be gotten, although I notice the "bun fight" has already started which is sad IMHO

Hi dave,

There will never be a 100% replacement of dpreview be possible. But we should not look alwas back in our life, we should look forward.

I liked the side-by-side camera comparisons, and the sample galleries. Oddly for an equipment site, DPR's reviews usually made me not want to buy the camera. Some forums were chock full of information. Other forums were mostly noise.
Hi dave,

There will never be a 100% replacement of dpreview be possible. But we should not look alwas back in our life, we should look forward.

As a retired research scientist I have spent my life looking forward, my comments were not a criticism of this forum, just a comment that my interest is not in forums as I have a large number of active photographer friends I can talk to, but in the vast amount of useful data that at present is not accessible and quite probably will not become available due to copyright issues
I'm a Mac user since 2008 when I had a 'falling out' with Sony over a defective lap top I ordered from them. I was in Phoenix on business and went into the Apple store to see what it was all about. A very nice and knowledgeable associate there spent two hours - 30 mins of which were after the store closed - explaining the differences between Mac and PC and answering my questions. I had been a PC user since 1982! The next day I went in and bought my first MacBook and I'm now on my third, a 2022, 13" M2.

I'm using Photoshop Elements 2023 and Affinity Photo. Although I shoot in raw, I tend not to over edit my photos and I find that Elements covers 90% of my needs. I also like the Elements Organizer. For the rest, Affinity does the job.
MBP M1 MAX user here. It's my travel machine but I also use it in the studio annex (my bedroom) for evening web surfing on Wikipedia and YT.
My main processing rig is a Win 10 desktop.
I share .jpgs and LrC catalogs from one machine to another via my ethernet network and NAS setup with one JBOD disk.
I've been a Mac user since the early 90's, after using PCs at work for many years (IBM, Toshiba, HP). Since I don't travel anymore I've given up my laptop and now work on a 2017 27" iMac. I use Photoshop for raw conversion and post processing, with DXO PhotoLab Deep Prime for noise control from my 1" sensor Nikon 1 cameras.
Glad to see a few more mac users joining, I've only been mac based for 6 months having been PC for over 30 years before