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CM Zoom vs Minilux zoom


Leica just announced the new Leica CM Zoom. I put some differences between the CM Zoom and the Minilux Zoom together. I do not know whether this list is complete.

- I guess the coating was improved, similiar to the Leica CM new coating
- P, A and Programmshift (MLZ only P)
- time, aperture and flash in the viewfinder
- Manual Fokus aid in the viewfinder
- High eyepoint viewfinder
- Better viewfinder magnification (CMZ 0.38-0.64 vs. 0.33-0.56 MLZ)
- Viewfinder shows 85% of the image (Minilux Zoom 83%)
- Passive AF (MLZ has active AF)
- Changinge of focal lenght on the lens itself, like and M7 Zoom
- EV correction now in 1/3 steps (MLZ in 1/2 steps)
- Fastest shuttertime now 1/500s (MLZ only 1/250s)
- Flash now with LZ 14. Flash range now at ISO 100 WA til 4m, tele
til 2.5m (MLZ 3.7m and 2m)
- Selftimer 2s and 10s (MLZ only 10s)
- Measures in mm: 118x66x58 (MLZ 124x69x44)
Thanks for the comprehensive review,
Strange that they only gave it 1/500s,
as the CM had 1/1000s?? Seems like a step
back, maybe because of the slower lens?
On the other hand, the faster films are getting
very good (less grain) so seems like
the 1/1000s would have added that much more versatility; still can't understand the technical reason why they would have taken out the 1/1000s

wondering if you have an opinion on
how the images may compare to an M7?

Also,have you heard when these will be available?

In terms of finished results, perhaps I can share an anecdote?
A few years ago my wife surprised me by taking us away for a lovely long weekend to Oporto. Because I didn't want to spend more time with my photography than with her, I chose a small kit and took my Minolta CLE with 40 + 90mm lenses, these are known to be Leica-M standard and the 90mm was probably a Leitz lens with Rokkor engraving (the only lens Leitz ever made to have a different name on...).
My wife took her Leica MiniZoom (35-70).
We shot very similar shots on similar film, then returned home. Our pictures were amazing in that one could clearly see the real Leica's pictures were brighter, sharper, more colourful etc! Now I looked at the CL/E lenses, there was no fog, no dust, dirt, fungus or scratches but they were some 20 years older than the MiniZoom.
I think the modern compact Leica lenses are brilliant in both senses of the word. A couple of years back I shot a Bullfight essay with the MiniZoom (I didn't want to look like a 'serious' photographer who might be looking for an 'in-depth' story) and again the pictures were everything I could have wished them to be.
Don't be worried about the quality compared to M-lenses, you'll enjoy it!
I wouldn't look at the CM-Zoom's 1/500 as a step back from the CM's 1/1000, but as a step forward compared to the Minilux-Zoom's 1/250. I don't know for sure but I suspect the shutter and lens assemblies of the CM and CM-Zoom are simply modified components lifted from the Minilux and Minilux-Zoom, respectively (the lenses definitly anyway). Though I too can not understand why the shutter on the Zoom would have to be limited to 1/500. Leica has addressed alot of 'wants' with these new cameras, and the new zoom looks particularly enticing. Though I imagine it will be in the $1200-$1300 range so I don't think I'll get rid of my Minilux any time soon. Still wish these cameras could take filters.
I found somebody selling the CM zoom - Samys Camera - $1195 US


Adorama has started listing it too, though they say they have no stock and are awaiting delivery (no date).

Time to start saving - I just love the looks of that camera! And the specs make it more appealing to me than the Minilux zoom was (the lack of an aperture-preferred mode, or a program shift, made that camera unapealing to me).

- marc
Hi. i'm the proud owner of the r9,and reasonably happy with this. however,i sure miss autofocus for spontaneous situations as well as compactness.looks like the CM is now in my sights.how does image quality in this CM compare with that of the r9 or m7? by the way,i'm a real sucker for SHARPNESS in my prints,as well as the convenience of self-contained flash capability. thanx!!!! Joe
Anyone have experience buying from PopFlash?
They advertize on ebay and have a CM Zoom for 1195.

> I have purchased two items from PopFlash and I recommend them. They are fast to ship and no-nonsense.

Good Luck! - marc
Dear Joseph,

I can mix my Summarit 1:2.5/40 slides with those from the R lenses, both prime and the latest Varios, and they are indistinguishable. My wife prefers the shots from what she call the "mickey mouse" camera because of the sponteneity you refer to.

May I suggest you acquire a lens-hood however, because as good as the Summarit is, the lens-hodd does improve things.

Best wishes,