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Limited edition for Contaxinfo members

Congratulations to Andrey, with an accumulative vote that leaves little doubt to the members' choice.

Out of interest, I see that the first and second choice logos (and others) for the front involve the removal of the original "Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T*" logo, to allow for their size, design and layout.

I wonder how many Contaxinfonians thought that they were restricted to working around the existing logos for their engravings onto existing SL300RT bodies, rather than having the opportunity to have them removed? Just a thought for the definition of any future "Specials" competitions!

Dirk, I hope you are pleased with the support that the members have shown in this venture so far. I am very pleased to have taken part in this, and I am sure the other contributing members are too. According to some .... we must seem mis-guided. If so, I am happy to be in amongst such a fine bunch of mis-guided soles!

I bit of information for any prospective buyers, there are some large images taken with various SL's in their Contax and other guises and pixel sizes (did you see the way I neatly got away with not mentioning K*****a there
) ..... on


For those who are inclined .... there is the possibility of looking at shots from the Contax (or similar versions
) as a makeshift comparison. You may need to use babelfish etc. to find your way around, look for the Web Competition entries ..... some very nice images in amongst this lot here. Look at the range of tones and contrast handled in the winning Temple shot.

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.
Congratulations, Andrey!

These two questions are for Dirk:


Will the votes for the top-3 or top-5 most popular designs be exposed to the forum?


Will Andrey's design be used for the webpage in the future as well?

Sorry if this is jumping the gun on Dirk .....but ....

Jakob ... you can go into the thread and see the votes! The thread is still there to view.

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.
Where exactly, Bob?

It also seems that some contributors like Hank forwarded quite a lot of mails in the competition, and you would have to add them all to get the picture.

This is not meant in any way to embarass anyone who did not win.
It did not take me long to add up my 2 votes

Contax User Forum » Contax Digital Cameras » Closed: Logo Competition for Contaxinfo Logo

Let me know if you have trouble finding it!

All the best, Kyocera Kid
For those members that have not yet taken the time to count the votes for logos, here are some rudimentary statistics in a glance.

13 members had submitted their designs for the logo competition, and a total of 148 votes were placed.

Of these, Andrey's design got 66 votes - the equivalent of 44.6 per cent of all the votes.

Hank G. got 54 votes for two different logos. That is 36.5 per cent of all the votes. More specific, Hank's retro design took 24.3 per cent, and his contemporary design 12.2 per cent.

Only 18.9 per cent of votes were left to share between the 11 other contributors, of which no one came even close to the two front runners.

Even though 148 votes were given, the available result does not say how many members actually participated in the referendum.

Each member had a maximum of 15 votes to share between the logos, so at least 10 members must have voted.

Thank you!