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Limited edition for Contaxinfo members

Did you type that last word correctly, John?

Kyocera Kid

Certainly there are a number of asuumptions on both sides -- and a leap of faith. Faith that I do not seem to have.

First, I do not prefer Leica. I do not have any Leica equipment and never have. Most of my equipment is Contax -- A fairly complete G-system, and a 645 system, and I used to have a few of the 35mm MF cameras (still have a few lenses lying around). The only break from this is a Canham 4x5 and a Toyo 4x5 (I even have a Zeiss lens for them), a Voightlander Bessa L with that nifty 15mm Ultra wide Heliar (a bargain), and a Olympus E-20N with a bunch of accessories (still waiting for a viable ND). I view the high prices paid for limited Leicas with different finishes as fanatical, irrational, and a way to relieve a little money from people with much too much of it. They make a good, if expensive, product normally, that suits a particular type of photographer. I don't think it particularly suits me, which is why I do not own them -- contrary to your assumption. By the way, in terms of longevity I was refering to the traditional mechanical Leica, not Leica digital. Interestingly, the Panasonic badged version of these Panasonic made camera even get to claim the "Leica" name on the lens -- making it clear that there are no differences between the cameras other than name -- and, of course, the higher price on the Leica badged one.

Second, there certainly seem to be divergences in what people see as value. Perhaps I am much too practical in nature, but merely slapping an extra logo on a camera does not increase its value for me. It still performs as it did without the logo. That said, I do not think it is a bad idea. These things are often done from a promotional point of view, and it is a nice thing to do for a group that supports you. I just don't see why one would pay a significant premium for it.

Finally, regarding the Kyocera/Contax twin SL300R cameras. Kyocera certainly did not go out of its way to differentiate the Contax version from the Kyocera. They may have changed the color. But they didn't even bother to give it a different model number!! This along with the same specs, logically leads one to question whether they are the same. I do not take it on faith that the Contax must be superior because it is called a Contax. Is the premium for the Contax over the Kyocera as ludicruious as the premium for the Leica over the Panasonic? It seems to me that a test of the cameras is a rational way to resolve this. I learned long ago that you can not take these things on "faith".
Yes I think so Bob,
According to my Collins Pocket Reference English Dictionary,"carp" means as well as being a freshwater fish, "1. complain about small faults or errors, 2. nag."
Hey, Bob, you should take that as a compliment!

Mojo-Jojo has a mutated super-brain with enhanced intelligence (check out that crainial capacity in the image Paul so graciously posted), and one of his hilarious peculiarities is to say the same thing in several different ways in the same sentence, hence the reference in your particular posting's context.

I certainly was not infering from his other nasty habits, such as beating up (or trying to, as he usually gets his simian butt kicked) super-powered young girls

Is there something I should know Bob or do I need a new "modern" dictionary? Perhaps you beter email me privately so as not to annoy other members of the forum
No offence, anger, annoyance taken, DJ!

I've been called far worse things, and one does need a thick hide to cope with some of the dastardly things the students say, mutter, curse!

Cheers Kyocera Kid, Bob, Bobby, Robert!
sorry for the delay.

The most votings on Tuesday got the proposal of Andrey Akimov

This was his proposal:


Second place was the proposal of Hank Graber (Retro Design)

Congratulations and thank you all for your proposals and active participation.

As a next step we will talk now with Kyocera to find the best solution how to use the logo on the camera, all technical and logistic issues, prices and delivery time etc.

As soon as we have more details, we will publish them here. But expect at least 2 weeks for this.

Andrey, you better do not buy a digital camera over the next weeks, because you will get a limited edition for free as the winner of this competition