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Logos for Contaxinfo special edition Contax SL300R


What's up:

Great news for all Contax fans. We will offer a special edition of the new digital Contax SL300R in cooperation with Kyocera.

How it will look like:

This limited edition will be in black with black leather. There will be a Contaxinfo logo engraved on the camera. This edition is limited to 300 units. They will be numbered from 1-300. Prices are not yet determined, but we keep you updated. Availablity hopefully in April. Photos and specs willbe published asap.


Please be aware that this is unique in the photo industry and on the internet. No other camera-brand or internet site has done this for a Community forum before. We hope that you appreciate our efforts, because we need your help now:

Help us with your ideas:

We organize a Contaxinfo-logo-competition in this thread. The winner gets a limited edition Contax SL300R for free, sponsored by Contaxinfo!

What to do:

We need a very good Contaxinfo-logo which will be then engraved on these special edition models. So we need suggestions from you for a logo. If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to send them us or upload them in the Test photos area. Colours can be white, red, gold, etc. whatever you think looks good on black.

This Contaxinfo logo should not contain ".com" or ".de". The logo can be only the word Contaxinfo, or Contax-info or any kind of additional graphics or text additional text i.e. Contaxinfo Forum, or Contaxinfo community forum etc. If you like the one you see on top of this forum, then vote for this one or modify it. Send us whatever you are dreaming of, we will try to make it reality.

You can upload it here directly over the next 10 days. Ratings are possible on the left side of each posting. 300x300pixel, max. 50 KB, only jpeg. The original Logo will be bigger of course, but this competition-thread is only for getting an idea what you like the most

We will pick the one which we like the most and has the highest ratings of all proposals. So please help as and upload as many proposals as possible and comment and rate them so that we know what you like the most and why. Do not miss this chance to get involved in your favourate camera brand.
Hello Dirk,
How about using as an engraving the diagramatic illustration of the make up of the elements of a Tessar lens as shown on the Zeiss web site. I understand that the SL300R uses a Vario-Tessar lens and I think that such an engraving would be neatly discrete and understated way of emphasising a main benefit of a Contax camera. I tried to attach a copy to this email but could not manage it.
<font size="+1"><font color="0000ff">Hi Dirk,

Is this the first Logo to be uploaded? I hope you like it. It has the rising sun at the bottom of the image for the Japanese Kyocera input, and it also emulates the Zeiss logo. I hope that the rest is self explanatory.

Paul Matthews

>If this will be a success, and we think it will, then it will be a lot easier for us in the future to have more choices in colours, models

Judging from the fact that we want to buy discounted discontinued ND from ebay, I can say two things:
1. Despite the shortcomings, we will buy ND if the price is not too high.
2. We can't wait for ND2 with no ND1 in the mean time.

So if this is successful, we want 300 discontinued special edition ND1 at Canon EOS10D street price! Surely they still have enough parts for 300 units.
Thanks for the feedback so far. I have to run in a meeting. I think it might be better to use this thread for logo proposals only and any other Contax SL300R thread in this forum for discussions about the camera itself. This makes it easier to get most out of it. We have some time pressure with the logo, since we need to engrave it on one s&le camera. Otherwise it will be difficult for us to show you photos how the camera will look like

Just one thought: The logo should not be similar to a Zeiss or original Contax logo, since this could cause copyright issues.

Bteh: One step after the other. Lets get this first right and see how it goes.

Do you literally mean engraved?

When you talked about coloured fonts etc, I assumed that you would have it printed onto the camera.

In this digital world ... it is very easy to show how the camera will look without even having one available
. No need to hack into one just yet

A quick s&le - BTW this does not count as one of my 3 "goes" at the design

I knocked this out in a few minutes and I'm working on some ideas for the large back area.



Cheers Kyocera Kid

When can I start voting? Can I vote for Bob's 'non-entry' - I like it - understated but classy!!

And for the other 299 cameras - is there going to be a ballot for those who want one - or is it a first come first served basis?

Cheers, Saras
Dear Dirk,
This was the illustration I was trying to upload before. I don't know if using it would be a breach of copyright but presumably its use would have to be cleared with Zeiss. It would also be beneficial for Zeiss, being a further emphasis of the use of their lens in the camera.
It would have the advantage of showing why we use Contax cameras and be an understated symbol, significant to those in the know, especially being of such an illustrious design as the Tessar. Presumably Kyocera would also appreciate the reasoning since Zeiss is an important selling point.
I think it should be engraved, rather than painted, maybe in silver or gunmetal as it is on a black background.
Best wishes,

voting is always possible. Just click on "vote" on the left side of the proposal.

But everybody can only vote once. So it might make sense that you wait til we get a couple of different choices to decide on!

Come on guys, get on the computer and upload your ideas. This is a community, not TV