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Logos for Contaxinfo special edition Contax SL300R

I guess I didn't read *all* of the instructions -- something I often fail to do. So, you may disregard my entry as it stands, if you wish: ZEISS CONTAX INFOFORUM.

I like Derek stanton's 1 and 3 and hank graber's design 2, for me I think using the red asterisk is overstating the use of it and it'll appear 3 times on the back of the camera, also 'homage' logos don't really suit something like this as it's a modern camera and I think it's important to have a logo which is distinct from the contax/zeiss logos. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

Simplicity gives any logo a sense of common recognition. Use "SE" instead of "Special Edition". Fords might spell out "Limited Edition" on their cars, but Mercedes doesn't. I suggest:


"CONTAX" and "info" are both white; "CONTAX" is in plain lettering; "info" is in italics; "*SE" is red (the "*" matches the "T*" on Contax lenses; lettering for "SE" is like "CONTAX" except for color.

I don't know the layout of the camera, so I can't say exactly where it would go. It could fit with other information printed on the camera or separately.}}
<font color="ff0000"><font face="verdana,arial,helvetica"><font size="+1">Could I perhaps bribe any of you folk out there to vote?

You may have been the first, and a brave attempt it was at that ...... but only a broken 137 will secure a definite vote

On the other hand, my two votes are probably .... 1 sympathetic and 1 in error!

But ..... who are the 5 people who voted for Dirk's announcement?

Answer: Me, Myself and I, plus his Mum and Dad!

Hey! .... the boss must have his perks!

Kyocera Kid.