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Logos for Contaxinfo special edition Contax SL300R

Bit of Zeiss trademark trivia. The Zeiss logo trademarked 24 June 1904 was fashioned with "Carl Zeiss" in the border of an achromatic doublet lens outline:


I have used a graphic outline which was a very common device but it is not the outline of a lens design, or at least not one you would want on your camera.
May as well add a 3rd:


Hadn't noticed that Dirk mentioned the cameras would be numbered. Of course this could be added to the other designs i.e.:

Voting time!

Please vote today for the logo you like the most. Everybody has just one vote! So think carefully.

We will then take the winner and will discus that proposal with Kyocera and what would be the best way to use this idea on the camera.

This thread will be changed to "read-only" tomorrow, so no new ratings/proposals can be done after the deadline.

We will publish all new information about the limited edition in the other limited edition thread:


please use the "vote" in blue colour on the left side of each posting for voting. If you click on it, it will ask you for your voting number (1-5 with 5 the best). You can only vote once on each posting/proposal

We can count only the votings made with this voting button.

the deadline for logo-proposals was yesterday. Only votings for the already existing proposals are allowed today. No new proposals. Sorry.