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Logos for Contaxinfo special edition Contax SL300R

This is fun. Here's one more:


better check though that Kyocers/Contax have no problem with ContaxInfo using a logo similar to the trademarked Contax logo.
Here is the first of three. Wish i could add more, but rules are rules, i suppose. I had tried a few versions referencing 'vintage' Contax logos such as those used on the 1949 Contax S, or the 1956 FB, but i subsequently saw the later post about copyright issues. Hope none of these tread to close....

I hope, in this first one, the 'digital' "c" and "i" are recognized, representing Contax Info. Maybe it's a bit abstract?

Hey guys, here goes my second shot!! I tried some actual contaxinfo forum elements to make this one.

I also tried to shape the retangle according the golden rule. Hope you like



As we are coming to the end of the time to upload proposals. I am posting the absolutely final versions of my 2 submissions. Please disregard all of the previous iterations.

1) Retro logo:




positioning will be dependent on what is allowable and or cost effective. As there is a Carl Zeiss vario-tessar mark on the other side it would be cleaner to omit it from the logo side (see 2nd image above).

The logo is meant to convey the feeling of the old zeiss marks without actually duplicating any element of them.
Hi Hank,

Nice designs sir. I don't think you would get away with them in a court of law though, as they are very close to the originals.

I don't see a problem. There where 100s of German trademarks beside Zeiss/Contax in the 20's similar in look to the "retro" design.

But there is no need to guess if the trademark holders might have a problem. Dirk could check with Zeiss / Kyocera and if necessary changes could be made accordingly. i.e. the "modern" design would look just as good in a less Contax like typeface.

Contax Info is promoting Zeiss / Kyocera products so I am sure a positive dialog on the subject would be no problem.