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DPR has removed the closing down warning

Maybe they will grant amnesty to the members that went out of their way to get Banned thinking the forum was closing?
Or was this all a ruse to rid themselves of the ones 'on the edge'?

Vague at best.
It might well be getting sold off. When Richard Butler was asked if there were new updates, he just said ..... stay tuned. Besides Jordan and Chris the rest of the staff is still in Seattle. Time will tell I guess.
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Jordan & Chris are based in Vancouver, Canada. (unless you meant they are currently in Seattle?)
Sorry you are right. Just watched their Z8 video.
I stopped getting DPR forum update email notices after the closing announcement, but in the last few days I've been inundated with several dozen email updates going back two months. I wonder whether DPR flipped the switch back on.